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who we are



The Institut Alpha GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1985.


The chemists Timo Schwarz and Joachim Lorenz, Chief Executive Officers, are experts for soil, water- and waste water chemistry. Dipl.-Biol. Barbara Ohmle is an expert in air purity control.


The Institut Alpha GmbH & Co. KG is accredited (ISO 17025) and has numerous certifications for testing water, wastewater and soils and an officially appointed examination location for measurements of waste and waste water.


Chemists (diplom and B.Sc.), biologists (diplom), geographs (diplom) and several chemical technical assistants are working in our laboratory.


Equipment: ICP-OES, AAS with graphite furnace (Perkin-Elmer), direct mercury analyzer, GC with capillary column and computing integrator, headspace-technique, MS/MS (mass selective detector), FID, HPLC with fluorescence-detector, HPLC with UV-detection, potentiometer, cation- and anion chromatography, AOX, EOX, POX combustion device with coulometer, TOC measuring unit for liquids and solids and UV-VIS photometry.



The analytical main points include the areas of modern chromatographic analytical methods (GC, LC, HPLC) and especially the determination of halogenated aliphats, aromats, phenolic compounds etc. as single substances (PCP, PCB, HCB, pesticides, etc.) as well as sum parameters (AOX, EOX, TOC, etc.). 



The analytical performance profile and enormous range of experience in the efficient management of laboratory activities make the Institut Alpha GmbH & Co. KG your first point of contact if you are considering outsourcing laboratory work that you previously carried out yourself or if you are looking for a professional laboratory operator.


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what we do



Analysis of:

  • Soil, ground water and soil air and environmentally relevant parameters, materials in accordance with the closed cycle waste management act

  • Room air for hazardous substances and identification of emission sources

  • Industrial wastewater for controlling operations

  • Municipal wastewater, for companies, engineers, authorities and the disposal industry is carried out in accordance with the strict quality guidelines of an accredited laboratory

  • We also offer these services with our own sampling methods

  • Analysis of drinking water, water for industrial use, water from swimming pools

  • Analysis of communal and industrial waste waters, refuse analysis

  • Examinations on the behaviour of industrial wastes on dumping-grounds

  • Judgements of soil and sewage sludge on behalf of the sewage sludge ordinance

  • Examinations on old dumps and attending the reconstruction of old dumps

  • Emission measurements, measuring programs on emissions, analysis of at-work-conditions

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Institut Alpha GmbH & Co. KG

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Timo Schwarz


Staatl. gepr. Lebensmittelchemiker Joachim Lorenz


Dornstadter Weg 15
D-89081 Ulm

telephone +49 731 660 88

telefax +49 731 660 86


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